My Work

A portfolio of short stories and poetry by Amelia, all in one place!

“Uni Life”

This is my most recent poem, which I wrote about an hour after my website went live. I’ll probably change the name later, so Uni Life is just a placeholder title for now. I find that my favourite poems to write are the ones that are written at obscure times in the morning, especially this […]

“The Dumb Blonde”

I wrote this short story after being posed the challenge of creating the fictional history behind a myth. Read on to find out what happens when a blonde woman captures the attention of two men in a bar. *** The Dumb Blonde A blonde woman in a short dress sat in a crowded bar last […]

“New Neighbours”

One of the first short stories that I wrote when I started my Bachelor of Writing was called ‘New Neighbours’. The goal of the assignment was to base our writing on a true story.I chose to base my short story off stories that my Mum would tell about her childhood experiences with Vietnamese refugee families […]


At the start of 2020, I took a class called Word and Image, where I fell in love with the idea of visual poetry. Before I knew what visual poetry was, I had written a poem called ‘5am’. It was born from staying up until 5am and just writing whatever came to mind, which was […]